Joey Reyes and Jordan Willis

Hackberry is an audio-visual collaboration between Joey Reyes and Jordan Willis that explores cycles of stasis, movement, time, and rebirth within natural areas. From raindrop to puddle to foam to flowing creek, water accumulates and transforms, in turn transforming the world around it. Shots of the natural world are accompanied with music that similarly builds, layers, and evolves. The visuals are captured on Super 8 film, and the music is performed on cello and loop station.

Joey Reyes (Austin) is a cellist and composer who is trying to write the widest songs possible. Previous compositions have used loops and layers to explore things like burnout, flooded construction equipment, broken glass, and contemplations on whether cats ever occupied the death star. In the last few years Joey has collaborated with Ruby Fray (Emily Beanblossom), Lindsey Verrill, Bill Baird, Matthew Squires, and many more, in addition to his solo works. Several hours of his music can be found here.

Jordan Willis (Austin) is a photographer and filmmaker exploring found scenes within their natural constructs. He has worked in analog film for as long as he can remember. Currently, Jordan is experimenting with Super 8mm film using borrowed cameras. You can see his latest work here.