Charles Benjamin Russell & Douglas Laustsen

Slow Burn is a video project by Charles Benjamin Russell and Douglas Laustsen. Using long shot and audio processing of diagetic sounds in the video, they manipulate the meditative process of starting a fire. 

“I draw paintings of dark and whimsical worlds composed characters living a narrative that’s based around their interaction with each other. I use ink and watercolor to help this community come to life. My work is a sort of portraiture of the silly details that connect all of us. I taught myself to draw and paint the pictures I do. I’m also a songwriter and sometimes storyteller from Linden-Kildare, TX. I live and work in Austin, Tx” – Charles Benjamin Russell

Based in Austin, TX, Douglas Laustsen is a musician and educator who has been creating sound objects since 2016. His work fuses technology alongside sound to create interactive works for audiences. He has also worked as an educator for over a decade, teaching instrumental music, general music, leading electronics workshops to build things like speakers, and clinics focused on emotional and physical health.

Saturday – July 25, 2020

Join us between 6pm and 8pm for videos by

Natalia Rocafuerte and Jeannelle Ramirez
Rue Bainbridge
Howard Martin and Georgina Lewis
Zachary Smith & Sara King

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Friday – July 24, 2020

Join us between 6pm and 8pm for videos by

Chromatic System (Paul Baker w/Fez Moreno)
claire rousay with Jacob Wick
Zachary James Watkins
Juan Cisneros

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Monday – July 20, 2020

Join us between 6pm and 8pm for videos by

Phonography Austin
John Alan Kennedy w/Lisa Cameron, Sandy Ewen, Chris Cogburn, Rebecca Novak
Scott Charvet and Elayne Harris

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Scott Charvet & Elayne Harris

 Scott Charvet & Elayne Harris (official group name TBD). Our set consists of a majority newly-composed pieces for two percussionists, with additional pieces by living composers. Composers include Molly JoyceAlex TempleAlexandra GardnerAaron Levin, and others.

Instruments used for our performance will primarily be small accessory percussion instruments and drums, including glockenspiel, tambourines, triangles, desk bells, tom toms, cymbals, and other non-pitched instruments. The biggest instruments we plan to use are vibraphone, steel pan, and bass drum. The advantage of our instrumentation is that we can contain our set up to fit into smaller spaces, like a theatre lobby or gallery for example.

Scott and Elayne will be playing:

About Uniformity by Molly Joyce (New Works project consortium)
Uniformity…will explore the value of a desired unison aurally and visually.”

About Ah yes, the three genders by Alex Temple (Spectrum Ensemble consortium)
The three movements (reflecting the title’s “three genders”) are titled Wood, Skin, and Metal. Each movement features different instruments that fit the title of the movement – wood (wood blocks, etc), skin (drums, which traditionally have skin heads, and body percussion), and metal (cymbals, bells, chains, etc.)

About Earthmoves by Alexandra Gardner
“Earthmoves is one of my earliest compositions, written in 1990. At the time I was studying percussion, and I wanted to write a piece that I could perform myself with one other player. I remember being delighted with the dramatic contrast between mallets and sticks on the drums, and being inspired by Japanese drumming techniques.”

About the Aaron Levin piece (in progress)
“Right now, I’m planning to have a “mirror” set up, so that there are two of each instrument, with each percussionist having their own set. The music itself will also play with the idea of mirrors, and may include some theatrical aspects in that regard.”

Unintentional Intersections

“unintentional intersections” by John Alan Kennedy.

“intersections, where things meet, when times converge, in opposition and intervention, why things stall, why things accelerate. the natural world recycles itself without ever trying.

i’m deeply interested in the place where “the natural world” intersects with the evidence and residue that humankind heaps upon it. absent-minded interventions, unconscious inevitabilities that once took the form of thought and industry: these things are trash, are marks, are signals, are sigils, are evidence of mind. this is a conflict we are conscious of—occasionally—which leaves a residue on nature, on invention and each other. what is this one thing, of all the things, that cannot be ignored? it is the thing most unlike its environment. a stray thought, a lost ball, a disembodied sound, an empty bottle.

i’m repurposing these intersections by combining video of an improvised exploration through the rolling woods beyond my back gate with a soundtrack created by improvising musicians using that video as a score. no one will hear each other’s sonic contribution until the final project is realized, they will each be flying blind. because the position and perspective of the camera is quite foreign to that of my own eyes, the result will be a document of an event that even i never actually witnessed, accompanied by a soundtrack of unintentional intersections that the musicians never heard.”

John Alan Kennedy (Austin) is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist who specializes in the composition of unusual sights and sounds. An avid improvisor, he has also been performing and recording experimental, electronic and electro-acoustic music as Cyclops Joint since 1991. He relocated to Austin in May, 2020.

musical collaborators:

Sandy Ewen (Houston) is a guitar player, video artist & architect currently based in Houston. She hates the pandemic.

Lisa Cameron (Austin) uses amplified/acoustic percussion and strings to locate resonant frequencies in space to create oscillating overtones, which are then employed as sound sources for live improvisation.

Chris Cogburn (Mexico City / Austin) is a percussionist who works mainly in the field of improvised music. Current practices focus on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing timbral qualities, and their sites of resonance. The tension between just intonation and the unfettered resonances of objects is a burgeoning concern informing his most recent work. He has organized the annual No Idea Festival since 2003.

Parham Daghighi (Austin) is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist active in contemporary improvised music. Recent foci include electric guitar, alto saxophone, and instruments from the Persian art music tradition including setar, dozaleh, and tombak.

Rebecca Novak (Houston) explores sound through a constellation of instruments and objects including piano, cornet, melodica, Autoharp and shortwave radio. Her interdisciplinary approach extends to text-based & visual scores that merge writing, movement, acting, drawing, sculpture, photography and sound.

Nail Club

Nail Club grew out of isolation. In many bedrooms over many years. A musician that plays solo, Sara Nicole Storm, brings her own past, in relationships and locales, to Nail Club. First picked out on small keyboards or an old guitar with vocals whispered the way you might if someone was sleeping in the next room, soon, the music grew with new equipment and a voice more comfortable being heard, equal parts forlorn and defiant. Sometimes the music feels like a forgotten piece of a varied music history and at other times, like some of the most stimulating music, electronic or otherwise, being made today. Dance music for

– Lynn Stevens
New Orleans, LA