FACE OFF: with MyFaceYourFace and visual art by Dieter Geisler.

YourFaceMyFace is Mohadev & Eric. They will be playing a guitar duo / duel set to the backdrop of art by Dieter Geisler.

There are 3 guitarists, but one is not playing the guitar. Instead, he is drawing. What will happen next? Find out on Saturday, July 6th at NMASS 2019

Finding Ground Floor Theatre

Ground Floor Theatre is located in Suite #122 toward the back side of the complex at 979 Springdale Road in East Austin, 78702. The entrance to the complex is on Springdale Road near Govalle Ave between Lyons Road and Airport Boulevard.

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Steve Parker, Louise Jensen, Tom Bancarte

Steve Parker is an artist, musician, and curator who creates communal, democratic work to examine history, systems, and behavior. His projects include elaborate civic rituals for humans, animals, and machines; listening sculptures modeled after obsolete surveillance tools; and cathartic transportation symphonies for operators of cars, pedicabs, and bicycles. He is the recipient of the 2018 Tito’s Art Prize, a Fulbright Fellowship, a Harrington Fellowship, the Best of Austin Award, and the Austin Critics’ Table Award.  

For his set at NMASS2019 he will be joined by Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (sax & voice) + Tom Blancarte (bass) from Denmark / NYC performing on invented instruments that invert the relationship between performer & musical instrument.

Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (b. 1980) is a Danish-American saxophonist, vocalist and composer whose anti-authoritarian approach has led to her to a sort of bi-coastal career where she thrives simultaneously in the dense and claustrophobic environment of New York City and the idyll of the southern Danish countryside. 

This duality finds its counterpart in her music: equal parts raw, unrelenting exploration of harsh noise and questing melodic forays. Not prone to sit on the sidelines, she tends to lead or co-lead her own ensembles. She recently formed a hellish saxophone quartet comprised of legendary Japanese noise saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi, tenor saxophonist Matt Nelson (Battle Trance, Premature Burial) and young alto play Chris Pitsiokos (Weasel Walter). She is also the leader of, vocalist and composer for Danish improvised no-wave band Sweet Banditry (featuring Brandon Seabrook & Kevin Shea), the co-leader of eerie post-apocalyptic improv duo The Home of Easy Credit with husband Tom Blancarte, as well as a member of various ad-hoc improvising groups, including the Gauntlet Quartet with Peter Evans, Dan Peck and Tom Blancarte. 

She has toured extensively throughout the continental United States and Europe and has performed with musicians as diverse as Weasel Walter, Marc Ducret, Jim Black, Tim Dahl, Erica Dicker and Poul Dissing. She co-runs the Denmark-based label Marsken Records with husband Tom Blancarte. 

For over a decade, Texan bassist Tom Blancarte has been contributing a vivid pallet of dark frequencies to New York’s creative music scene, both as a freelance performer as well as a member of bands such as the electro-acoustic jazz ensemble the Peter Evans Septet, the banjo-shred power trio Seabrook Power Plant, New Timbralist free jazz noise trio Totem, an eerie post-apocalyptic duo with wife Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (The Home of Easy Credit), improv doom tuba trio The Gate and Danish post-punk improv quartet Sweet Banditry.

A native of the Texas Hill Country in Austin, Texas, his formative years included a steady diet of fantasy and sci-fi novels, comic books and video games, and later on a total immersion in death and black metal. Accordingly, Blancarte has cultivated a demented and visceral instrumental practice that transcends the experimental bass canon and pushes improvisatory art to new extremes. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and North America, playing venues that range from dingy squatted basements to international festivals.

Recently, he has begun to perform improvised solos on the bass as an exciting new area of exploration, started reacquainting himself with the euphonium (his first instrument), as well as starting the Denmark-based record label Marsken Records. He is on the faculty at the Music and Theater Folk School in Toftlund, Denmark. He lives in Toftlund with his wife and daughter.

New Media Art & Sound Summit 2020

Are you interested in putting together a custom sound art or experimental music based performance to be featured in our festival next year?

Send us your proposal!

Please include the related bios/links to each of your project partners, a paragraph about the project and also the technical requirements and stage plot for your set. Proposals submitted before December of 2019 have the best chances of being accepted for 2020. Thanks for reading this post!

Experimental Music Discussion panel 1 – 2019

In this Experimental Music Discussion Panel at 11am on Saturday July 6, 2019 we will talk with some of the visiting artists about their adventures in sound, the various ways they have worked in music and learn more about why they choose to do what they do.

“Noise Circle”

“Noise Circle” is a conceptual installation comprised of many Austin, Tx regulars in the noise/DIY sound art scene. It is a yearly tradition at the New Media Art & Sound Summit and pays tribute to the origins of COTFG from the early days. This year the players will be placed in various areas within Ground Floor Theatre.

The players Quttinirpaaq, Aunt’s Analog, Wim Ceuppens,Wolf Party, Micro Minx, Niemand, Tigre Merde, Ernestina Forbis and will be gently conducted by Melissa Seely

Atlas Maior: Palindrome

Atlas Maior creates original music that combines elements of Progressive Jazz, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Indian music traditions. Their set in NMASS2019 is based off concepts they employed when making their 2014 album, Palindrome, exploring different methods of improvisation and cosmologies of sound. Many of these exercises utilized themes of symmetries in sound through different instrumental arrangements. The players will be Joshua Thomson (alto saxophone, flutes), Jonathan Horne (guitar), Josh Peters (oud), Gary Calhoun James (bass), and Aaron Parks (drums).

JAWWAAD + Dave Dove

JAWWAAD is a trumpeter, composer, producer, educator, and hip hop artist. He is a founding member of the group, Shape of Broad Minds, whose critically acclaimed album, “Craft of the Lost Ark,” brought him international attention. The album featured MF Doom.  JAWWAAD has long been committed to being engaged and socially active, and infuses politics, history, and literature into his music. These things turn his work into an exploration of culture and humanity. JAWWAAD has performed with jazz, free jazz and improvisors, as well as hip hop artists, from around the world.  His appetite for all things music is apparent. As co-founder and producer of the band, The Young Mothers, he merges modern jazz, improvisation, hip hop, indie rock and caterwauling afro-grooves.

A trombone player, composer, improviser, and educator, David Dove has given performances and workshops across North America and internationally. As Founding Director of Nameless Sound (a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas), he curates/presents a concert series of international contemporary creative music, and has developed an approach, philosophy and practice of creative music education based on creativity and improvisation.

Jawwaad and Dave’s set at the 2019 COTFG New Media Art & Sound Summit is co-sponsored by Sonic Transmissions Festival.