Phew! We did it !


The 2019 New Media Art & Sound Summit presented by COTFG took place July 5th, 6th and 7th at Ground Floor Theatre in Austin, Tx. Thank you to Elijah Jamal Asani, Dave Dove & Jawwaad Taylor, Lisa Harris Slant Ensemble, Jess Garland and Lacey Lewis, Mossery,Lime Rickey International, YourFaceMyFace w/Dieter GeislerEmily BeanblossomDax NormanTransitory Sound and Movement CollectiveSeetha & Thollem duo, Elizabeth A. BakerNoise circleSevseveer, Steve Parker, Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Tom Blancarte, Thomas Bey William Bailey + Alex Keller,  Cedric Theys, Donny Who Loved Bowling,  Atlas Maior: Palindrome , A.R. Abbauen,  Post-Industrial Artyšok, Daniel Fawcett, North Texas Feminist Improvising Group, and Aardvark for playing!

We appreciate the community contributions via ticket purchases to support the performing artists and designers involved in creating the comfortable listening environment for this event.

See you all out there at other creative events in Austin, Texas!



COTFG is a volunteer-run arts organization supporting creative expression and counter-culture community.  The annual New Media Art and Sound Summit is a three-day summer festival dedicated to diversifying Austin’s musical ecosystem.

The group originally formed at an old church on the east side in 2003 and over the years has included rotating casts of volunteers, artists, local audience and long distance pen-pals. The organization has presented over one thousand events to date including concerts, art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and other adventurous excursions. In 2007 COTFG became a sponsored project of SVT and held monthly events at their former Manor Rd home until June of 2016. They continue to present interesting forward thinking experimental music all over Austin.

For more information about the series visit friendlyghost.org or email [email protected]

COTFG is a sponsored project of the non-profit organization Salvage Vanguard Theater 501 (c)(3) and supported in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division


See the schedule here