Christopher Whitley

hello, hello, my friend is a new collaborative video piece by Canadian composer Christopher Whitley. The video was developed in the spring and summer 2021, in collaboration with eight musicians, writers, and composers from across North America. Combining collaborator contributions with Whitley’s own original visuals, text, and music, hello, hello, my friend is a 25-minute audio/visual reflection on connectivity, nature, and friendship. 

Christopher Whitley is a Canadian violinist, composer, and educator based in Riverdale, MD. He is a founding member of the Thalea String Quartet and releases songs as Body Surfer (,,

McKenzie Bezic is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with an interest in composing for film and television. You can reach him at [email protected].

Julia Dixon is an active performer and music educator in Austin, Texas. 

Douglas Friesen is an educator and musician based in Toronto. (

khat knotahaiku (korde arrington tuttle) is a lover and multi-disciplinary maker hailing from charlotte, nc. words are their primary vehicle for making. (@khatknotahaiku)

Zach Matteson is a violinist living in Austin, TX. Born to travelers, Zach grew up around the world: from Washington D.C., to Irkutsk, Russia, to Kalispell, Montana. Zach fills his time connecting with friends and family through renga and poetry. You can check out his happenings at or his instagram page @zmatteso

Kumiko Sakamoto is a violinist, vocalist, and educator originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta. She is a founding member of the Thalea String Quartet, and loves to connect with people through music and food. (

As a classical violinist, Camille Schiess has given a wide variety of performances in her career from performing with the Santa Barbara Symphony, to playing the fiddle on Jimmy Fallon. Beyond her experience as a performer, she centers her career around teaching children and inspiring their creativity in music and maintains an ongoing private studio. (

Mark Sutherland is multi-instrumentalist, improviser and songwriter currently living on Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada. To find more of his work visit, and .