Ciyadh Wells & Matt LaComette duo

Ciyadh Wells is a multifaceted musician who prides herself in not only being an artist but also an activist, and a scholar. Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Wells’ passion for music developed at a young age with her involvement in choir and band. Her skillset grew the more she honed her skills in private guitar lessons. Wells’ earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with a focus on Choral Concentration from the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. After earning her Bachelors, Wells successfully pursued her Masters of Music in Instrumental Performance with a concentration in Applied String Pedagogy from the University of Louisville. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Guitar Performance at the University of Georgia. As a scholar and educator, Wells believes everyone deserves access to art, which she advocates as being essential to society. 

As a performer, Wells’ has been a part of various national and international performances. She’s been a part of the Community Music School at the University of Georgia, Artist Affiliate of Guitar at Agnes Scott College. She has also been involved in higher education as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Georgia. She’s been recognized and awarded for her efforts as an advocate and a leader. Awards include; the Wilson Center for the Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Award, Young Artist Award at the Eastern Music Festival, Katy Garrison LGBT Student Leadership Award at the University of Louisville. 

Matt LaComette is most known by his solo recording persona Aunt’s Analog, producing mystic cut-up noise and harsh psychedelia, since 1995. The project had its official live debut in January 2005 at the original Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, TX. Since then, LaComette has performed numerous shows locally, around Texas, and on several brief U.S. tours. After moving to Austin in 1999, LaComette began working with several rock and experimental groups, including local projects The Oblong Boys, Low Red Center, and Pataphysics, among others. As owner of Instincto Records (founded 2001), he has released over 100 limited edition CDrs and tapes, including five volumes of the “Austin Noise” CDr compilations.  Links: (Instincto RecordsAunt’s Analog)

For NMASS2021 Ciyadh Wells & Matt LaComette will be performing a short improvisational duo set.