Stop Motion Orchestra

Stop Motion Orchestra formed in 2013 and quickly got to work recording their debut, Instant Everything! (2014 Egg Helmet Records), a collection of cartoonish prog mini epics drawing equally from early Zappa instrumentals, ‘70s synth rock, and post punk. After some line-up shuffling and a brief hiatus, the band resurfaced with a new aesthetic and a new line-up featuring several virtuoso players from Austin’s fertile rock scene.  On Lightworks (2018 Knock’Em Dead / Megaphone Records) the band presents a more organic sound, drawing on influences including Henry Cow, Magma, Haniwa-Chan, and Picchio Dal Pozzo, as well as traditional music from Eastern Europe and South Asia.  

Mohadev – Electric Guitar. Mohadev is a guitarist, composer and producer active in a variety of forms of creative music.  Stop Motion Orchestra has been his primary creative outlet since its formation in 2013.  

Sam Arnold – Bass, Acoustic Guitar. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Sam Arnold is a bassist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter/composer based in Austin since 2001. In addition to Stop Motion Orchestra and other current work with local progressive rock bands Opposite Day, StarMind Ceremony, and Dream Eater, he has performed and/or released recordings in a range styles including jazz, big-band, punk, pop, metal, R&B, country, afro-pop, reggae, Americana/country, and electronic.  

Aaron Parks – Drums. Aaron Parks started playing drums in his birthplace, Houston, TX. He moved to Austin in 2005 and has been on the scene ever since. He can be seen around town with singer-songwriters, jazz groups, prog-rock ensembles, and many more. He loves the drums, he lives the drums. 

Alden Doyle – Violin.  Alden Doyle started playing violin in Kindergarten. After studying at UT, he has performed in a variety of styles including classical, bluegrass, rock, and experimental. He also works professionally designing algorithms for audio signal processing.

Leila Henley – Saxophones, Flute. Leila Louise Henley is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist specializing in saxophone, flute, and various other aerophones to the delight and amusement of other humans (and the distinct displeasure of certain dogs). Past projects include the bands Churchwood, The Invincible Czars, Go: Organic Orchestra (Austin chapter), Poon (all-female Ween tribute), and Sweetmeat and the musicals Speeding Motorcycle at Zach Scott Theater and Cabaret at St. Edward’s University. In addition to Stop Motion Orchestra she currently performs with Andrew Nolte Band, Fontanelles TX, and Super Creeps (David Bowie tribute).  

“From the Texas you don’t hear so much about, Stop Motion are a seven piece, rock-inflected, late sixties-mid-seventies influenced band (drums, bass, piano, synth, violin, cello, sax, banjitar) playing highly harmonically based, rhythmically interesting and through-composed music that’s a pleasure to listen to… Familiar echoes of the better bands of the era, but still very much on its own track. Nice work.” – Chris Cutler

“With one foot firmly in the rich bed of Euro-folk and another in a more classic melodic proggy space, this Austin based quintet brings a lot of great ideas to the fore with a snappy and clever songwriting style and an interesting combination of instrumentation. De-facto bandleader and primary composer Mohadev plays guitars, keyboards, banjo, bass, computer and other stuff, pulling together a wide array of compositional ideas that all mesh together well, but still challenge conventional senses.” – Peter Thelen, Expose