Georgina Lewis & Howard Martin


Georgina Lewis – visuals
Howard Martin – sound

This piece started as a drawing / score made by Georgina at home with materials on hand – graphite + red acrylic paint, which Howard interpreted with layered electric bass and bird song. From there, Georgina recorded a response video.

The domestic spaces in each one – a kitchen corner studio, a deck, and a spare room – are porous. Shadows of herbs, houseplants, trees, and whole flowers move across the drawings, while layers of bird song surround the bass notes. 

collaboration – process –  texture 

Raised in Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia, Georgina Lewis is a Boston based artist, writer,  and curator. She received her MFA in Sound from Bard College and holds undergraduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts and Franklin and Marshall College. She works across media in photography, installation, drawing, text, sound, and sculpture and is interested in forms of interchange and the aberrations and novelties, intentional or not, introduced by the act of correspondence: what happens when one or more things come in contact with each other.

Georgina has been a resident at the Millay Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and VCCA France, as well as a fellow at Harvard University’s metaLAB. Her work has been written about in The Boston Globe, Big Red and Shiny, The Wire, and Afterimage among others. Georgina is one of the studio artists at the Boston
Center for the Arts, a former member of the Collision Collective, and a member of Fountain Street Gallery in Boston. Her work has been presented at numerous venues including the Visual Studies Workshop, National University of Ireland, REDCAT in Los Angeles, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, the Mills Gallery, Boston University’s 808 gallery, and Grapefruits Art Space in Portland OR.

Howard Martin is a Massachusetts based librarian and instrumentalist focused on the interactions between sounds and resonant spaces. His playing favors timbre and isolated pitches or clusters in place of melodic or harmonic development. His solo saxophone performances have included free improvisations, graphic and text score interpretations, and engagements with the jazz tradition. He plays in Variant State […] an electro-acoustic improvising unit with some combination of Michael Rosenstein, Jesse Kenas-Collins, and Steve Norton.