Game Music Ensemble presentations

7:00pm on Thursday, July 27th 2023

This series of performances and presentations happens in 3 parts.

1. Game Music Ensemble: Group improvisation pieces for amplified and acoustic instruments with rotating conductors and a light signal

Players include but are not limited to: Harrison Montgomery, Mickey Delp, Joshua Thomson, Julia Austin, Joelle Wagner, AL Batross, Travis Pope, Nathan Green, Kyle Stocking, Leila Henley, Mars Wright, Tyler Lambeth, Violinda, Corey Worely, Charles Prewitt, HC.

The audience will also be invited to participate based on a limited number of prompts.

2. Chords Against Humanity: Remote Work Expansion Pack 
Rural Whirlpool (Jeannelle Ramirez and Matthew Lyons)

Curated exclusively for NMASS, Chords Against Humanity—Remote Work Expansion Pack (CAHRWEP) centers around the banality of everyday workplace communication.

Chords Against Humanity is a music performance game based on a completely unrelated card game.

CAHRWEP  is an improvisatory game for guitar, voice, and three audience volunteers. A round begins with the judge (singer) drawing a prompt card. The three volunteers have 30 seconds to respond with a card that best (most ridiculously) fills in the blank. Rural Whirlpool whips each exchange into a full blown musical number. After 3-4 turns,  the overall winner will be determined and receive a very special prize.

*Rural Whirlpool renounces responsibility for anyone losing their job due to their participation in this event. 

3. Plane Of Immanence App
Thomas Echols

Presentation by Thomas Echols in preparation for future rehearsals in the fall of 2023. Designed for collaborative electronic improvisation, this app is “best thought of as a kind of simulation of remembering, forgetting, reconstructing, and reimagining the sonic details of lived experience.”