3 x 3 (Joel Ferst + Sarah King + Zach Smith)

Sunday, July 24th 3:00pm at Crashbox (2022)

Joel Ferst + Sarah King + Zach Smith

Joel Ferst is an Austin-based performer, collaborative artist, educator, and arts administrator. As a performer and collaborator he feels comfortable in all sorts of settings, such as classical, avant-garde, and electronic. His performance interests include the elimination traditional concert setting by using lights, sound, movement, and multimedia to allow for a more immersive experience and connection for the audience. He is currently a masters student at the University of Texas at Austin where he studies saxophone with Dr. Stephen Page. He holds a bachelors degree in saxophone performance from Florida State University, studying with Dr. Geoffrey Deibel. 

Sarah King is an environmental sound field recordist and noise musician from San Antonio. Their work features various foley, architectural spaces and dynamic mechanical systems. Sarah’s work was incorporated in 2020 Wonderfruit festival in Bangkok, Thailand following sound studies of air.  Live, her performances are known for gritty use of found objects and unconventional melodic phrases displaying coldness. 

Zach Smith is a digital media artist and post-industrial / dark techno musician. Heavily using various esoteric sequencers, analogue equiment, and digital computer systensis programming Zach surveys esoteric environs. Their work was incorporated into the 2022 charity album by the rudiment organized by Stansilav Tolkchev and Sergey Chernyshoy. His project Mt.Borracho with Cameron Day has been declared as “inscrutable” by the Wire UK magazine. 

For this first time collaboration at the New Media Art & Sound Summit, the trio will be collaborating to improvise using saxophone, electronics, and field recordings.