2021 Participating Artists

Last year’s event took place online between 4pm and 7:20pm on Saturday – July 24, 2021



The 2021 artists included

Joey Reyes & Jordan Willis, Christopher Whitley (with McKenzie Bezic, Julia Dixon, Douglas Friesen , khat knotahaiku, Zach Matteson, Kumiko Sakamoto, Camille Schiess , and Mark Sutherland), Lily Taylor & Sean Miller, Tonya Lyles & Mickey Delp, Juan Alfredo Rios-Rodriguez w/Héctor Tednoir, Erica Saucedo, Donny Who Loved Bowling, Chris Payeur, Ciyadh Wells & Matt LaComette.

Watch online from the comfort of your home via our YouTube or Twitch pages.


2020 Participating artists

Our 2020 summer event took place online between July 20th-25th.  The event included performances commissioned for the festival by:

Rue Bainbridge, The Kraken Quartet, Amy Knoles & David StoutZachary James Watkins & Luke Judd, Phonography Austin, Nail Club, City of Dawn, Travis Weller, Transitory Sound & Movement Collective, Spectrum Ensemble, Unintentional Intersections, Master|Doctor, Paul Baker & Fez Moreno, Relative Dissonance, Howard Martin & Georgina Lewis, Juan Cisneros, Josh Ronsen & Vanessa Gelvin, claire rousay & Jacob Wick, Natalia Rocafuerte & Jeannelle Ramirez, Sarah King & Zachary Smith, Stop Motion Orchestra, PR0SC1UTT1, Charles Benjamin Russell &  Douglas Laustsen, and Q&A’s facilitated by Sonya Gonzales and Mickey Delp.

Chris Payeur

Most recently as the Production & Sound Manager for The North Door, in addition to other freelance audio work, Chris Payeur is a live sound engineer who has experience as both Front of House & Monitor Engineer. She has also worked in stage and tour management, audio mastering and editing and lead live sound for various venues, tours, and festivals.  Chris also wrote, taught, and launched the first college-accredited Live Sound class in the nation for Austin Community College. 

Her experience includes:

VENUES: Mercury/Parish, Emo’s, The Ghost Room, Frank, The North Door, 04 Center

SUB POP RECORDS:  Sound Engineer, Tour Manager, and Stage Manager

NOMAD SOUND:  Lead sound engineer, front of house, monitors, & patch

FREELANCE:  Spoon, Explosions in the Sky, The Black Angels, Tortoise, Sebadoh, Shinyribs, Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, Okkervil River, Shearwater, Montopolis, and many more

FESTIVALS:  Lollapalooza, ACL, SXSW, Austin Psych Fest/Levitation, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Desert Daze, Old Settler’s Music Fest, Art Outside, Tour De Fat and many more

In a brief interview, we will get to know a little bit more about Chris’ life and discuss some of her insights for live performers from the perspective of a production professional.

Ciyadh Wells & Matt LaComette duo

Ciyadh Wells is a multifaceted musician who prides herself in not only being an artist but also an activist, and a scholar. Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Wells’ passion for music developed at a young age with her involvement in choir and band. Her skillset grew the more she honed her skills in private guitar lessons. Wells’ earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with a focus on Choral Concentration from the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. After earning her Bachelors, Wells successfully pursued her Masters of Music in Instrumental Performance with a concentration in Applied String Pedagogy from the University of Louisville. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Guitar Performance at the University of Georgia. As a scholar and educator, Wells believes everyone deserves access to art, which she advocates as being essential to society. 

As a performer, Wells’ has been a part of various national and international performances. She’s been a part of the Community Music School at the University of Georgia, Artist Affiliate of Guitar at Agnes Scott College. She has also been involved in higher education as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Georgia. She’s been recognized and awarded for her efforts as an advocate and a leader. Awards include; the Wilson Center for the Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Award, Young Artist Award at the Eastern Music Festival, Katy Garrison LGBT Student Leadership Award at the University of Louisville. 

Matt LaComette is most known by his solo recording persona Aunt’s Analog, producing mystic cut-up noise and harsh psychedelia, since 1995. The project had its official live debut in January 2005 at the original Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, TX. Since then, LaComette has performed numerous shows locally, around Texas, and on several brief U.S. tours. After moving to Austin in 1999, LaComette began working with several rock and experimental groups, including local projects The Oblong Boys, Low Red Center, and Pataphysics, among others. As owner of Instincto Records (founded 2001), he has released over 100 limited edition CDrs and tapes, including five volumes of the “Austin Noise” CDr compilations.  Links: (Instincto RecordsAunt’s Analog)

For NMASS2021 Ciyadh Wells & Matt LaComette will be performing a short improvisational duo set.

Joey Reyes and Jordan Willis

Hackberry is an audio-visual collaboration between Joey Reyes and Jordan Willis that explores cycles of stasis, movement, time, and rebirth within natural areas. From raindrop to puddle to foam to flowing creek, water accumulates and transforms, in turn transforming the world around it. Shots of the natural world are accompanied with music that similarly builds, layers, and evolves. The visuals are captured on Super 8 film, and the music is performed on cello and loop station.

Joey Reyes (Austin) is a cellist and composer who is trying to write the widest songs possible. Previous compositions have used loops and layers to explore things like burnout, flooded construction equipment, broken glass, and contemplations on whether cats ever occupied the death star. In the last few years Joey has collaborated with Ruby Fray (Emily Beanblossom), Lindsey Verrill, Bill Baird, Matthew Squires, and many more, in addition to his solo works. Several hours of his music can be found here.

Jordan Willis (Austin) is a photographer and filmmaker exploring found scenes within their natural constructs. He has worked in analog film for as long as he can remember. Currently, Jordan is experimenting with Super 8mm film using borrowed cameras. You can see his latest work here.

Christopher Whitley

hello, hello, my friend is a new collaborative video piece by Canadian composer Christopher Whitley. The video was developed in the spring and summer 2021, in collaboration with eight musicians, writers, and composers from across North America. Combining collaborator contributions with Whitley’s own original visuals, text, and music, hello, hello, my friend is a 25-minute audio/visual reflection on connectivity, nature, and friendship. 

Christopher Whitley is a Canadian violinist, composer, and educator based in Riverdale, MD. He is a founding member of the Thalea String Quartet and releases songs as Body Surfer (christopherwhitleyviolin.com, thaleastringquartet.com, www.bodyyysuuurfer.com

McKenzie Bezic is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with an interest in composing for film and television. You can reach him at [email protected].

Julia Dixon is an active performer and music educator in Austin, Texas. 

Douglas Friesen is an educator and musician based in Toronto. (soundmuseum.ca)

khat knotahaiku (korde arrington tuttle) is a lover and multi-disciplinary maker hailing from charlotte, nc. words are their primary vehicle for making. (@khatknotahaiku)

Zach Matteson is a violinist living in Austin, TX. Born to travelers, Zach grew up around the world: from Washington D.C., to Irkutsk, Russia, to Kalispell, Montana. Zach fills his time connecting with friends and family through renga and poetry. You can check out his happenings at invokesound.com or his instagram page @zmatteso

Kumiko Sakamoto is a violinist, vocalist, and educator originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta. She is a founding member of the Thalea String Quartet, and loves to connect with people through music and food. (www.kumikosakamoto.com@kumisaka

As a classical violinist, Camille Schiess has given a wide variety of performances in her career from performing with the Santa Barbara Symphony, to playing the fiddle on Jimmy Fallon. Beyond her experience as a performer, she centers her career around teaching children and inspiring their creativity in music and maintains an ongoing private studio. (themagnoliakids.com)

Mark Sutherland is multi-instrumentalist, improviser and songwriter currently living on Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada. To find more of his work visit, https://marksutherland.bandcamp.com/releases and https://m.soundcloud.com/short-cycles .

Juan Alfredo Rios-Rodriguez/Chido Machine

Just a day after ditching dentistry school, Rios found himself at a friend’s rehearsal room taking the chair to play a drum kit for the first time. His natural beat won him an invitation to a cover band. Since then, music has been Rios main source of living and expression. As he matured as a musician, inspired by the creative hunger to contribute something different, he became part of music bands where he experimented with drum kit setups and sampling pads.

By 2010, he was in Austin facing the difficult balancing reality of auditioning and working as a drummer. The opportunity arose to play as a street artist performing with electronics and drums in a food truck in South Congress. This led him to get gigs with bands like Love Hate Affair, Mobley, Como las Movies.

He has continued to work on different ways to make hybrid setups. Most recently in February 2020, prior to the pandemic, he made his first interactive installation called Found Sound Objects.


Rios is currently working with his band Easy Compadre! and in collaboration with Héctor Tednoir and Fernando Mondragón he achieved this piece entitled:  [ Harp Strap ]

Repurposed wood
  Polycarbonate sheet
   2″ x 4′ PVC pipe
    5 ratchet straps
     1 Sure b57 mic
      1 Sure b58 mic
       1 Behringer X1204 mixer
Photo documentation by Ben Altenberg
Video documentation  by Héctor Tednoir

Donny Who Loved Bowling

Donny Who Loved Bowling (Joe Griffin and Christopher Petkus) returns to NMASS to premiere their new longform work “Chapterhouse.” They will be joined by their compatriots from the 2019 live band–Cynthia Goosby, Scott Charvet, and Andrew Trent—with video accompaniment created by Rebecca Ramirez.

Christopher Petkus has been involved with Church Of The Friendly Ghost since 2004 and has an excellent story about once having to break in to the original building to perform a show there. In addition, Christopher has been a member of Donny Who Loved Bowling (with Joe Griffin) since its inception in 1998, and has been affiliated with NMASS since 2011. Further musical affiliations include RIGID, Mongoose, and {Re}:tkus.

Rebecca Ramirez aka Pilgrimess aka Sweet Cheeks is a videographer, painter, musician, performance artist and friend to animals y humanos alike. Once she started being born, she never stopped and hopefully never will.

Cynthia Goosby’s passion for music has taken her all over the world, including solo and festival performances around the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Ireland. In addition to her involvement in several local chamber and improvisatory ensembles, she also teaches and enjoys composing and arranging. Goosby holds a Masters degree in Clarinet Performance from Bowling Green State University and Bachelors degrees in Clarinet Performance and German from Ball State University. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, spinning literal and metaphorical yarns, and playing the piano badly.

Andrew Trent has been writing, performing, and producing music across numerous genres for over 40 years. A bassist to the bone, Andrew has his ears locked on the low end intersection of rhythm, melody, and harmony. His latest project is the pointedly political post punk pop of Moth:November.

Joe Griffin is a founding member (with Christopher Petkus) of Donny Who Loved Bowling. He has been a performing musician since 1977, playing guitar and singing at summerfests, car shows, frat parties, art galleries, wedding receptions, bars, theaters, clubs, and NMASS 2019. Joe creates sound design and composes music for theatre in and around Chicago. His other musical manifestations have resulted in a few pop-rock albums; soundtrack recordings for the Warhammer 40k RPG, Bard Fiction (Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction as played by a sixteenth-century ensemble) and A Klingon Christmas Carol; and the instrumental record “excessive machine.”  

Scott Charvet is an active percussionist and educator in Austin, TX, teaching private lessons by day and performing across town by night. A California native, Scott is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (B.A. Music – 2011) and Bowling Green State University in Ohio (M.M. Instrumental Performance – 2017). As a performer, he touts a literal binderful of experience (some 100-200+ concerts so far) with a variety of groups and organizations, including the the Austin Brass Band, Density 512, Mongoose, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, the Santa Clara Vanguard, and even a few rock bands here and there. Scott has also participated in master classes with Steven Schick (U.C. San Diego), Matthew Duvall (Eighth Blackbird), Daniel Karas (Grand Rapids Symphony), the Boston Brass, and the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet. His music tastes range from the traditional to the surreal, but his absolute favorite is music with character, funk, and groove; the fun stuff that makes you dance. Outside of music, Scott thoroughly enjoys watching movies, writing screenplays, listening to podcasts, and eating vegan comfort food.

Beatrice Charvet Goosby was born July 11, 2021. This is her first NMASS performance

website: https://dwlb.bandcamp.com/


 g’beda is a sound bender who uses vocals, percussion, strings, meditative and traditional African diasporic instruments to create freedom in sound. g’beda trained as a sound therapist after over 20 years of performance in gospel, folk, blues, and study in traditional West African, Afro-cuban and Afro-Haitian music and dance traditions.  g’beda birthed Soul Note Series, Infinite Rhythm and Open Mic Circles for advanced musicians, Freedom in Sound Concerts, and SistaDrums, a traditional drum corps. g’beda curates live experiential improvisational sound concerts both as a solo artist and in collaborations with orchestras, poets, dancers, and actors.


Photo Credit: Katrina Simpson


For g’beda, trains are a cellular memory of a matriarchal great-great grandfather who had been sold at 4 years old. As a young man, he became a railroad man on North and Southbound trains. The tracks are always a reminder that he could have traveled this way, on these very tracks. On the patriarchal side, the train tracks divided the black and white sides of Smithville, Tx, where great-grandmothers, aunts and uncles crossed for domestic work. The train whistle kept the time of day and always pulled a person back to the present moment. Trainspotting and photography has become an integral part of road traveling and the coexistence of the present with the past.  The photos, video, vocalizations and sounds are the crossroads of familial history, traditional african instruments, musical artistry, and cellular memory.  

Photo credit: g’beda.

Featured instruments: udu, kalimba, mbira, ago-go bells, shaker, kinkini drum and vocals

Recorded at All Hues Music Tameika Hannah

Re-mastered by Mickey Delp

Project Sponsor: COTFG