COSMS vs Gamelan Lipi Awan

7:00pm on Saturday, July 29th 2023


COSMS is an instrumental duo formed in Austin, TX in 2013.  Josh and Damen hail from small town Indiana and Shanghai respectively.  As such, their perspectives, tastes and approaches to their sounds overlap as often as they clash.  The result is a full and complex sound of bass and percussion.  By using effects, loopers, trippers, percussion and bass guitar, Josh and Damen make two sets of hands sound like ten.

As one of the original members of the Southwest Post Rock Collective, their exploration in to what they can achieve as a two-piece has evolved over the years as the pic up steam and hone their craft.

2023’s release of the “Tigers” EP is a testament to that growth.  Utilizing new instruments like a hardpan and a 6-string bass, COSMS continues to push what is possible.  Recorded and mixed by Chico Jones at Estuary Recording Facility and Mastered by Max Lorenzen at Rare Ear, “Tigers” marks their most challenging and engrossing effort yet. 

Gamelan Lipi Awan (Gamelan Rising Star) refers both to the Balinese musical instruments and to the group of individuals that comprise the orchestra.

The gamelan was acquired by Texas State University in 2012 and has attracted large numbers of players over the years. Gamelan Lipi Awan’s performances have included the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce gala, Sights and Sounds festival, San Marcos Public Library, Texas State University Asian Cultural Showcase, 72 Degrees Festival, and TMEA. The ensemble has also been featured in the documentary Power of Pearl.

Playing the gamelan is a very special experience. Apart from the obvious educational musical benefits including rhythmic acuity and musical memory, the sekaa or club of players develops a close sense of ‘belonging’, responsibility and friendship through learning together.