The Viewer

The Viewer started as an exploration within a series of self defined rule sets. The initial Viewer material was derived from using a collection of drum machines as the sole source material, finding tonal and rhythmic variation through audio processing and alteration of synchronization communication. The process of composing within a creative field of vision continued, fostering secret connections between different worlds; the ticking clock of a dark dance floor and the contemplative calm of the slow and low aural exploration found in the experimental music community.

The Viewer set for NMASS in the Resonant Lung will continue down the path of working inside a series of limitations and structures. Where much of previous material from The Viewer has relied on the beat of a drum, or the modulation of sound, this Resonant Lung performance will lean on to the voices the Lung itself and the interaction they have with each other in space in which they speak. This performance should be an exploration of harmonic interaction, and a chance listen to a timed conversation of the three voices found inside The Resonant Lung.

See and hear The Viewer perform within the Resonant Lung at 6pm on Saturday, July 21


p1nkstar Inc. is a corporation organized and operating in the state of Texas. p1nkstar Inc. strives to be the world’s leading, branded entertainment company across digital media platforms by helping individuals realize their full potential. We believe in the importance of a fun and enriching life, and focus on our clients by enhancing our innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. Our company supports families so they can grow, learn, and get the best possible start in life. This philosophy guides all p1nkstar Inc.’s activities, whether we’re designing a stationery set, a retail store, or an animated television series. We invite all our friends and guests to experience the magic of p1nkstar.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible. Not just for some. For everyone. We are a different kind of company with a different view of the world. It’s a special place where we have the opportunity to create the best products on earth – products that change lives and help shape the future. It’s a privilege we hold dear.

Experience ILOVEYOU.TXT.VBS by p1nkstar Inc. within The Resonant Lung at 5pm on Saturday July 21st


Primary Mystical Experience

Jared “Chairy” Marshall is an experimental sound and visual artist focused on creating exploratory tapestries of sound using modular synthesizer and drumset in an improvisational context. His solo work as Primary Mystical Experience employs immersive sonic vibration to elevate spirit and create conditions for ecstatic experience

Catch his performance within The Resonant Lung at 9pm on Saturday, July 21st

T Putnam Hill

T Putnam Hill is a writer, editor, and electroacoustic musician based in Austin, Texas. His compositions and improvisations frequently utilize guitar, field recordings and feedback loops to create sonic narratives that unfold through the interplay between chaotic systems and the artist’s attempt to mold that chaos into structure.

In “Resonant Lung I: For Two Guitars and Organ,” T Putnam Hill releases two guitars to their own devices, to sit passively in open tunings, waiting for external sound waves to excite their strings into action. The MIDI-controlled instruments of The Resonant Lung cycle through progressions of chords and melodies nudged into quasi-random sequences. With time, the low frequencies emitted by the Lung begin to vibrate the sympathetically tuned strings on the guitars. The guitar signals, mediated by a simple chain of effects, intermingle with each other until the combination of shifting tones becomes a unified pulsing drone that evolves with only minimal intervention by the artist. (Addendum: The artist might decide to pick up a guitar and strum and/or pluck its strings, thus negating the previous statement about minimal intervention.)

See and hear the performance of T Putnam Hill on Sunday July 22nd within The Resonant Lung at 2pm.

Bryan Gary

Bryan Gary is from San Angelo, Texas
and creates calm, consciousness driven ambient music.
Inspired by balancing natural bio frequencies with deep
meditation the singular intent of the music is to share,
quite literally, healthy vibrations amongst all listeners.

Listen to his music via Soundcloud or YouTube and see him play live within Dimension Gallery on Saturday July 21st at 2pm


Dusking is a celebration of transition: a welcome song for the night and a showing of gratitude for the day. A live sound installation creates a backdrop to our chosen space and the creatures of that ecosystem. Please join Alex Keller, Sean O’Neill, Vanessa Gelvin , T Putnam Hill and R Lee Dockery at Lou Neff point at 8 PM on Thursday July 19. 


Mongoose is an ongoing labor of love with a deep and longstanding affiliation with COTFG. Born out of the ashes of the Austin Cobra Players (itself a COTFG mainstay) and comprised of many performers with deep roots in Austin’s musical and improvisational scenes, Mongoose began performing live music using John Zorn’s Cobra game system in October 2009 and continues to this day.

Mongoose performs at 9pm within Ground Floor Theatre on Saturday, July 21st

Try Not To Make Sounds

Try Not To Make Sounds came into being after years of work between Rebecca Ramirez and Christopher Petkus on different projects. After a series of projects on which one or the other was the lead, they desired a project which would be completely collaborative. Their main fonts of inspiration are Yoko Ono, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and a deep appreciation of mystery and troubling atmosphere.

Their first studio work, Toy Box, is expected later this year.

You can see and hear Try Not To Make Sounds perform within
The Resonant Lung at 4pm on Saturday, July 21st

Matt LaComette

Matt LaComette (Instincto Records, Aunt’s Analog):

Matt LaComette is most known by his solo recording persona Aunt’s Analog, producing mystic cut-up noise and harsh psychedelia, since 1995. The project had its official live debut in January 2005 at the original Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, TX. Since then, LaComette has performed numerous shows locally, around Texas, and on several brief U.S. tours. After moving to Austin in 1999, LaComette began working with several rock and experimental groups, including local projects The Oblong Boys, Low Red Center, and Pataphysics, among others. As owner of Instincto Records (founded 2001), he has released over 100 limited edition CDrs and tapes, including five volumes of the “Austin Noise” CDr compilations.

For NMASS 2018, Matt LaComette will be performing “Concrète Dada for Compact Disc Duo”, using one audio mixer as feedback system, with two CD players / effects units as additional input. The source material appears on two CDrs, each containing previously recorded, original instrumental / acoustic samples. The samples are played and warped into complex combinations, as static crumbles of feedback and mixer static hypnotically wash in and out. This simple setup provides a massive variety of possible textures. The intention is to improvise a colorful contemporary Dada, only possible post-2000 A.D.

You can see Matt perform inside The Resonant Lung at 8pm on Friday, July 20th

Appease Process

Appease Process

Appease Process is new music for acoustic piano with wind, reed, and string instruments. As a solo artist Charlie Russell has been developing the ideas in the piece for years. Utilizing the acoustic piano’s natural resonance as a constraint, the music leans into overtones and harmonics created when applying a steady hand to subtle changes. The premiere of this piece at NMASS will have accompaniment by wind, reed, and string instruments. Ricardo Acevedo will project his VHS video work Blue during the performance.

Written and performed by Charlie Russell with support by :

Laura Dykes – bass
Leila Henley – bass clarinet
Douglas Laustsen – trombone

Marshall Lowry – flute

Projections by Ricardo Acevedo

4pm Saturday, July 21st in Ground Floor Theatre