Weather Machine

Weather Machine is a noise/experimental project that began in North Carolina in 2006 comprising of members Joe Hendrix and Bryce Eiman.  It eventually led to the formalization of the Noise Scene in Chapel Hill, NC – helped and driven with the help of Shaun Sandor (also in Bicameral Mind with Bryce).

In 2017 Weather Machine played in Austin, TX with visual expert/animator esq. Dax Norman while Bryce was on winter vacation. The shows during that period defined the future of Weather Machine – an improvised set consisting of waves of sound and visuals, in concert.  Since that time Joe Hendrix and Dax Norman have carried out that idea – attempting to push the boundaries of improvisation, blending Audio and Visual experimentation in a live environment.

See Weather Machine perform midnight at the Ground Floor Theatre Saturday the 21st.