Seth Graham

Seth Graham is a Ohio based artist, composer and co-owner of Orange Milk Records with an academic background in Philosophy. He focuses on compositions which highlight tropes across a broad range of musical genres using midi data, Max MSP and samples. His intention is to manifest intersections of classical avant garde and modern popular music with compositions ranging from playful sample arrangements to dense digital synthesis. Seth Graham’s work has been published by music imprints Orange Milk and Noumenal Loom. He was commissioned by the Russian Ensemble Kymatic to write 4 pieces in tribute to Philip Glass that was performed in October of 2017 at the Museum of Media and Arts in Moscow. These recordings are scheduled to be released on Recital in 2018.

See and hear Seth perform within Dimension Gallery at 7:30pm on Saturday July 21st


“CONFESSIONAL,” featuring Jamison Williams, Jim Ivy, Thomas Milovac, and Charles Pagano.

Dynamic structured free improv quartet, performed by seminal Floridian free-improvisers; an absolute tour-de-force of collaborative inventiveness, personal exposition, and a monumental dedication to one’s voluntary freedom of creative expression. Our secrets will be exposed for all.

Jamison Williams (soprano sax)

Relentlessly creative, and challenging the boundaries of extended techniques, Jamison Williams’ role in defining the pursuit of expressive freedom through the use of the instrument cannot be understated; from founding the Experimental Arts Union of Florida, +SoLo Sound Gallery, and Vantage Bulletin publishing, to designing the educational curriculum currently taught at [neu]Sonics Music Initiative, his energy is contagious and an inspiration.

Jim Ivy (alto sax)

Jim Ivy is an improviser and composer currently residing in Apopka, FL. His main form of expression is using reed instruments (in particular, saxophones) but he can also be found performing on shakuhachi, electronics, balloons, and an arsenal of game calls and whistles. He has worked with such International artists as Davey Williams, Wade Matthews, Simeon Coxe III, David Dove, Emily Hay, Kris Gruda, Jill Burton, and Doug Mathews.

Thomas Milovac (double bass)

Thomas is becoming recognized as a talented, bassist with roots in the jazz tradition as well as a deep passion for musical and sonic exploration. His playing and work reflects elements of the Free Improvisation, Bebop, No Wave, European Classical Music, and Noise.

Charles Pagano (drums)

Currently playing with Steve Gilmore (Phil Woods Quartet) and the occasional trio with Tatsuya Nakatani and Scott Bazar as well as filling in for Jabo Starks (James Brown) on his house gig at the Red Bar. Past musical compatriots include Gene Bertoncini, Stew/The Negro Problem, Larry Willis, Beck, Kevin Ayers, Enrico Rava, James Emery (String Trio of NY), Cedric Lawson (Miles Davis),Gene Bertoncini, Giacomo Gates, Ted Howe and Russ Kassoff. Interned at Creative Music Studio NY with Dave Holland, Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Anthony Braxton, Ed Blackwell, Karl Berger, Bob Moses, Don Cherry. 

Background in free playing thanks to Creative Music Studio ( and the Woodstock, NY scene…. Mostly self-taught drummer & composer.

See and hear this group of improvisers within Ground Floor Theatre at 11pm on Friday July 20th

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Robert Lowe

Lichens is the moniker of artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, created for performance and recording solo and with collaborators.

Lowe was previously a member of 90 Day Men before beginning his solo project.[1] In live performance, Lichens compositions are spontaneous arrangements of voice and modular synthesizer patch pieces. In the past, Lowe would utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, and on some occasions, percussion. Lichens’ first release was The Psychic Nature of Being, a three-track album recorded as a one-time improvisation without overdubbing. In 2007, Lichens released Omns, which was intended to be a continuation of The Psychic Nature of Being using slightly different techniques in recording and editing.[2] Since 2007 Lowe has been focused on live performance and the physicality of sound as well as many releases and collaborations.

In 2008, Lichens toured extensively opening for instrumental post-rock band Explosions in the Sky and played at their curated All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival.

Lowe performed in the noise rock supergroup Singer, playing bass and providing vocals on two albums for Drag City with Todd Rittman and Adam Vida of U.S. Maple and Ben Vida of Town & Country.

He performed tambura and vocals for stoner/doom metal band Om on their albums God Is Good and Advaitic Songs, and also joined them on stage.[3] He contributed with vocals on the album Monument to Time End by black metal band Twilight.


Jeff Young & Paul Pinto

“Jeff Young and Paul Pinto, Patriots, Run for Public Office on a Platform of Swift and Righteous Immigration Reform, Lots of Jobs, and a Healthy Environment: An Opera by Paul Pinto and Jeffrey Young” was created in 2011 as a parody of contemporary politics and politicians. The half-hour piece focuses on issues of immigration and national identity. Jeffrey Young and Paul Pinto collaboratively created the text, music, and staging, scoring the piece for their own voices, violin, percussion, a turntable, and lots of cardboard boxes. In “…Patriots…,” instrumental music alternates with sung and spoken words, zany and humorous topical quips alternate with personal, pointed critiques of the political zeitgeist, fully notated sections merge into structured musical and textual improvisations, and tonal harmonies mix with less traditional musical effects. The piece has been performed principally on three tours of the US, including seven West Coast performances in 2011, 17 cities in 17 days in 2013, and four more West Coast performances in 2016.