Iris Sidikman

Iris Sidikman is an experimental musician and installation artist currently located in Austin, TX. She recently completed her MFA in Experimental Sound Practices at California Institute of the Arts and received bachelor’s degrees in Cello Performance and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Northern Illinois University in 2016. Her work grapples with sound as an object and stillness as a medium, often crossing borders between performance, installation and tableaux. Often understated and emotionally rooted, her works explore stasis and persistence as ways to transport audiences in another world. Much of her work also uses language as a way to both reveal and obscure meaning, as well as to create an accessible space for listeners of many backgrounds.

In addition to creation and performance, Iris is also a scholar well-versed in expressions of femininity and fat identity in experimental music and embodied performance. She will be presenting her paper “Feminized Anger in Avant Garde Music”at the 2018 New Music Gathering at Boston College in May 2018.

Education, community engagement and public art are all central to Iris’s practice. She currently works as an early education literacy tutor with Literacy First in Austin.

See and hear Iris perform in The Resonant Lung at 7pm on Saturday, 7/21/2018