Sluder Brothers

8:00pm Friday, July 28th 2023

SLUDER BROTHERS performing “Niche Cathedral” 

Brent Sluder manages an historic Austin dance hall as a day job , and though he wants to be writing scores for real films (such as Jules of Light & Dark (2020) and The Love Inside (2015), for the time being, Brent settles for writing music for fake movies (such as Man-Made Lakes, and Outlaw Supper Club massacre 1984). Additionally, he can be found experimenting under the names Field Dress and Jeepacabre, collecting art books, and painting his feelings.

His older brother, Kevin Sluder lives in McKinney, Tx and has been teaching public school string orchestra at the middle and high school levels for 16 years. He has also published nearly 20 educational string orchestra pieces, and loves recording albums of a variety of genres in his spare time.

This premiere performance of their all-new collaboration ‘Niche Cathedral’ marks the first time the Sluder brothers have performed live since high school marching band. They have a long-distance recording project called Brudeheim Stemroller which relies on passing Logic stems back and forth like sonic pen pals. Their piece for Friday, July 28th was conceived and arranged in the same way.

Examples of works by Brent Sluder and Kevin Sluder can be heard in Bandcamp.