Mongoose is an ongoing labor of love with a deep and longstanding affiliation with COTFG. Born out of the ashes of the Austin Cobra Players (itself a COTFG mainstay) and comprised of many performers with deep roots in Austin’s musical and improvisational scenes, Mongoose began performing live music using John Zorn’s Cobra game system in October 2009 and continues to this day.

Mongoose performs at 9pm within Ground Floor Theatre on Saturday, July 21st

Try Not To Make Sounds

Try Not To Make Sounds came into being after years of work between Rebecca Ramirez and Christopher Petkus on different projects. After a series of projects on which one or the other was the lead, they desired a project which would be completely collaborative. Their main fonts of inspiration are Yoko Ono, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and a deep appreciation of mystery and troubling atmosphere.

Their first studio work, Toy Box, is expected later this year.

You can see and hear Try Not To Make Sounds perform within
The Resonant Lung at 4pm on Saturday, July 21st

Matt LaComette

Matt LaComette (Instincto Records, Aunt’s Analog):

Matt LaComette is most known by his solo recording persona Aunt’s Analog, producing mystic cut-up noise and harsh psychedelia, since 1995. The project had its official live debut in January 2005 at the original Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, TX. Since then, LaComette has performed numerous shows locally, around Texas, and on several brief U.S. tours. After moving to Austin in 1999, LaComette began working with several rock and experimental groups, including local projects The Oblong Boys, Low Red Center, and Pataphysics, among others. As owner of Instincto Records (founded 2001), he has released over 100 limited edition CDrs and tapes, including five volumes of the “Austin Noise” CDr compilations.

For NMASS 2018, Matt LaComette will be performing “Concrète Dada for Compact Disc Duo”, using one audio mixer as feedback system, with two CD players / effects units as additional input. The source material appears on two CDrs, each containing previously recorded, original instrumental / acoustic samples. The samples are played and warped into complex combinations, as static crumbles of feedback and mixer static hypnotically wash in and out. This simple setup provides a massive variety of possible textures. The intention is to improvise a colorful contemporary Dada, only possible post-2000 A.D.

You can see Matt perform inside The Resonant Lung at 8pm on Friday, July 20th

Appease Process

Appease Process

Appease Process is new music for acoustic piano with wind, reed, and string instruments. As a solo artist Charlie Russell has been developing the ideas in the piece for years. Utilizing the acoustic piano’s natural resonance as a constraint, the music leans into overtones and harmonics created when applying a steady hand to subtle changes. The premiere of this piece at NMASS will have accompaniment by wind, reed, and string instruments. Ricardo Acevedo will project his VHS video work Blue during the performance.

Written and performed by Charlie Russell with support by :

Laura Dykes – bass
Leila Henley – bass clarinet
Douglas Laustsen – trombone

Marshall Lowry – flute

Projections by Ricardo Acevedo

4pm Saturday, July 21st in Ground Floor Theatre

Leisure Muffin

Michael Hopkins (AKA Leisure Muffin) is an electronic musician and synthesist currently based in New Orleans, best known for his live performances. Hopkins composes -in the moment- generating music exclusively for the room.

Hopkins started playing shows in his teens in New York, Philadelphia, and other locations on the East Coast including collaborations with famed electronic musician Charles Cohen. For over 20 years, his career has enveloped a broad-spectrum of influences and styles, spanning dance and electro to kosmische-styled ambient textures together with minimal modern classical and free music forms

A long-time performer and guest of The Bunker New York’s dance parties; the Leisure Muffin 2014 release “In Wearable Hertz“ was the first for The Bunker label. The track features violinist Elizabeth Warren and intertwines post-techno rhythms and elaborate unfolding modular synth tones with a seeking sorrowful violin solo. The result is a composition that is at times mournful, graceful, and redemptive.

Hopkins is also an instructor and lecturer, teaching production, modular synthesis, and electronic music. In 2016, he presented a masterclass at University of Pennsylvania as part of MUSICA PRACTICA/ELETTRONICA VIVA, a series of conversations & performances focusing on hardware-based electronic music performance practice.

Most recently, his standout track “Isoprene” for The Bunker New York’s 15 Years of The Bunker (2018) anniversary compilation was hailed as a “deft electro burner” by Resident Advisor. A series of live shows and radio performances in support of the release have followed. He is currently working on his first full-length album.

Many Birthdays

Many Birthdays is a music project that started in Osaka, Japan and continued in Austin, TX. Over the years the band has self-released multiple home-recordings and videos, EP’s and remixes, played numerous shows both local and regional, toured nationally, scored music for a full length animation film, and written and performed a live-score for a feature silent film. Many Birthdays is a unique entity that has ebbed and flowed for over a decade, but continues to strive to put art, creativity and poetry as its main focus, with a strong DIY, music-is-whatever-you-want-it-to-be ethic that ultimately has no boundaries in style or genre.

The current players include John Dixon (guitar/electronics/voc), Sarah Luce (synth/sampler/voc), Reed Burnam (bass/voc), Rachel Fuhrer (drums).

Visual projections during their set at 8pm on Friday July 20th within Ground Floor Theater will be provided by Chris Svoboda


Ara Hernandez is an interdisciplinary artist from Mexico currently residing in Boulder, CO. She engages with multiple creative outputs through writing, visual art, and music. She is currently pursuing her degree at Naropa University.

hojascirculares is an ambient music project by Ara Hernandez that attempts to destroy the boundaries of softness and musicality. Moments of harsh noise are contrasted by silence and harmony; these elements blend together and are found with improvisation. Music becomes an intuitive process that can lead to odd avenues or primordial clarity. The aim of this project is catharsis–healing through confronting darkness.

See and hear hojascirculares inside Dimension Gallery on Saturday night, 7/21/2018


Thomas Echols is a classical guitarist, songwriter, circuit builder, and synth fetishist living in Austin, TX. His work is an exploration of the interface between conventional compositional structures, old and new technology, ambient textures, and simple, emotive songcraft.

Dr. Thomas Echols:     “Telemetry” is an interactive performance that uses software I designed to generate a score to be sightread by a quartet of musicians. The background structure of the algorithm is based on 18th century species counterpoint (a la Johann Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum). Because of this, the algorithm is capable of composing counterpoint in the style of Bach, but, through the addition of various chromaticisms, extended harmonies and non-diatonic pitch collections, it also composes in a variety of more modern styles. Audience members are invited to modulate compositional parameters that are accessed through a user interface on an ipad. The score is created in real time, while the musicians are performing it. The presentation will culminate in an electronic music performance using the same algorithm to control a modular synthesizer,  exploring an array of exotic sounds and textures in addition to the more traditional sounds of the string quartet.

This performance and demonstration will be executed in collaboration with Invoke Sound at 3pm on Sunday, July 22nd in Ground Floor Theater