Many Birthdays

Many Birthdays is a music project that started in Osaka, Japan and continued in Austin, TX. Over the years the band has self-released multiple home-recordings and videos, EP’s and remixes, played numerous shows both local and regional, toured nationally, scored music for a full length animation film, and written and performed a live-score for a feature silent film. Many Birthdays is a unique entity that has ebbed and flowed for over a decade, but continues to strive to put art, creativity and poetry as its main focus, with a strong DIY, music-is-whatever-you-want-it-to-be ethic that ultimately has no boundaries in style or genre.

The current players include John Dixon (guitar/electronics/voc), Sarah Luce (synth/sampler/voc), Reed Burnam (bass/voc), Rachel Fuhrer (drums).

Visual projections during their set at 8pm on Friday July 20th within Ground Floor Theater will be provided by Chris Svoboda