Matt LaComette

Matt LaComette (Instincto Records, Aunt’s Analog):

Matt LaComette is most known by his solo recording persona Aunt’s Analog, producing mystic cut-up noise and harsh psychedelia, since 1995. The project had its official live debut in January 2005 at the original Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, TX. Since then, LaComette has performed numerous shows locally, around Texas, and on several brief U.S. tours. After moving to Austin in 1999, LaComette began working with several rock and experimental groups, including local projects The Oblong Boys, Low Red Center, and Pataphysics, among others. As owner of Instincto Records (founded 2001), he has released over 100 limited edition CDrs and tapes, including five volumes of the “Austin Noise” CDr compilations.

For NMASS 2018, Matt LaComette will be performing “Concrète Dada for Compact Disc Duo”, using one audio mixer as feedback system, with two CD players / effects units as additional input. The source material appears on two CDrs, each containing previously recorded, original instrumental / acoustic samples. The samples are played and warped into complex combinations, as static crumbles of feedback and mixer static hypnotically wash in and out. This simple setup provides a massive variety of possible textures. The intention is to improvise a colorful contemporary Dada, only possible post-2000 A.D.

You can see Matt perform inside The Resonant Lung at 8pm on Friday, July 20th