2020 Participating artists

Our 2020 summer event took place online between July 20th-25th.  The event included performances commissioned for the festival by:

Rue Bainbridge, The Kraken Quartet, Amy Knoles & David StoutZachary James Watkins & Luke Judd, Phonography Austin, Nail Club, City of Dawn, Travis Weller, Transitory Sound & Movement Collective, Spectrum Ensemble, Unintentional Intersections, Master|Doctor, Paul Baker & Fez Moreno, Relative Dissonance, Howard Martin & Georgina Lewis, Juan Cisneros, Josh Ronsen & Vanessa Gelvin, claire rousay & Jacob Wick, Natalia Rocafuerte & Jeannelle Ramirez, Sarah King & Zachary Smith, Stop Motion Orchestra, PR0SC1UTT1, Charles Benjamin Russell &  Douglas Laustsen, and Q&A’s facilitated by Sonya Gonzales and Mickey Delp.