The Lombo Combo

Friday, July 22nd 7:40pm at Crashbox

The Lombo Combo is a percussion ensemble under the direction of Nick Lombard. Using pre-recorded loops controlled by a percussion sample pad, the project features 5 additional percussionists including Danny Mee, Adam Sharp, Cassie Baker, Alan Lauer, and Mike Sharp. Taking heavy influence from exotica music, static and repetitive melodies drive the pieces in sharp contrast to a freewheeling array of auxiliary percussion that can transform the context of the tunes measure to measure. Bells! Whistles! Pops! Sizzles! A single note can be chopped to bits with a well-placed tom pattern. A cowbell is just a cowbell until it is fed through a synthesizer. The most syncopated arpeggio can melt into a droney sheet under the malleted wash of a deep dark ride cymbal. Natural reverb is the wind at our backs. Maple, mahogany, brass, bronze and steel are the sails dragging us ever forward to the dusky echoey horizon.