T. Putnam Hill

T Putnam Hill is a writer, editor, guitarist and electroacoustic musician currently based in Austin, Texas. In recordings and performance, Hill produces impromptu audio collages of various sound materials—from live guitar to field recordings to feedback loops. He weaves the resulting sonic narratives into auditory environments that drift between stasis and disorder, from harmonic to discordant, and from the organic to synthetic.

Hill is an active member of Phonography Austin, a sound arts organization dedicated to the exploration of phonography and acoustic ecology, and founder of Loma Editions, a nascent multimedia label focused on electroacoustic music and experimental literature.

For NMASS 2019, Hill presents an outdoor, spatialized sound collage of field recordings and site-specific environmental sounds beneath the Airport Blvd. overpass just beyond the eastern edge of the Ground Floor Theatre parking lot. The loosely composed, partially improvised performance employs digital processing and feedback networks to engage the audience in a real-time world-building experience in which discrete sonic elements gradually pieced together form an uncanny unreality, an illusory soundscape that drifts between familiarity, musical composition, and collapse.