Donny Who Loved Bowling

Donny Who Loved Bowling began in Chicago in the late 1990s. Joe Griffin and Christopher Petkus met on an independent movie set, became friends, and started making music together for fun. That partnership has lasted through 20 years and six full-length albums.

Christopher’s move to Austin in 2000 meant finding a way to collaborate over the internet—after their first album, “Tree Fort,” was released in 2002 the pair recored a set of cover songs (entitled “Butcher Covers”) to get the feel of trading files and making music in two different places. 2010’s “Screeching And Exploding” solidified their working methods with a set of original material. Cataclysmic life events informed 2013’s “Headstone,” and the pair rebounded for 2015’s heavily abstract, dream-informed, and ridiculously long-titled “The Approaching Flock Of Birds Is A Metaphor For The Onset Of Madness.” 2016’s “Avignon” adds musique concrete and jazz influences to the mix.

For this first-ever live performance, Joe and Christopher will be augmented by Scott Charvet, Cynthia Goosby, Andrew Trent, and Paul Connolly