Rue Bainbridge

Rue Bainbridge, the duo of Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge, explores the intersection of expanded cinema with sonic art.

In response to the pandemic, Rue Bainbridge is developing  I’ll Wear a Mask for You, a socio-existential absurdist media-opera.

On July 25, New Media Art & Sound Summit presents the world premiere of Rue Bainbridge: I’ll Wear a Mask for You… karaoke in an iron lung… a humorous mosaic dredged from our collective mindscape… pantomiming intimacy, global and emotional corruption… an apocryphal chapter of Perfect Lives for the hyper-now. WE ARE EVAIL ! EW ARV ALI E ! Wha ? ? ? 

I’ll Wear a Mask for You brings together experiences and sensations from disparate moments of American life in 2020. Generated during quarantine and an urgent road trip, the opera manipulates material captured under conditions of vivid adjustments and articulated anxieties. Conceived in relation to a larger field of mass media architectures, the network performance dramatizes the symbolic resonances and politicization of masks.