Ronsen and Gelvin’s Réchauffés

Réchauffés’ brings together leftover or orphan sound and video files from the computers of Josh Ronsen and Vanessa Gelvin, files in incomplete or abandoned states. What one file lacks, another file may complete. Electro-acoustic renderings of clarinets and cellos are catalyzed with location recordings of doors, frogs and weather systems, and vice versa. 

Vanessa Gelvin is a sound artist and sculptor working in glass, stone, and porcelain. Her work primarily draws from her academic background in cultural anthropology, sociology, and media studies. She is a founding member of arts collective Phonography Austin and avant-garde chamber ensemble, Katie & Rachel.

Josh Ronsen — musician, artist, writer — has worked in Austin since 1994. He has recorded and performed in Frequency Curtain, the Gates Ensemble, LSJ and brekekekexkoaxkoax, using guitar, clarinet, piano, organ, analog synthesizer, voice, computer and percussion. His work in performance art has led him to infamously destroy a hundred Pierre Boulez records, blindfold the audience or place hand-mounted speakers (handphones) on their ears, and direct “Stacked Deck,” the 1959 experimental play by Dick Higgins.