Mister Smile

Mister Smile is an experimental post-rock/fake jazz trio performing both original songs and more-or-less obscure works by artists of the last 60 years.

Daniel Mee (drums) has performed in a variety of styles, ranging from indie rock to experimental music to African marimba. He is currently a member of the Houston sludge metal band Omotai. Daniel is a native of Atlanta and has lived in Austin since 2008. Mister Smile represents his first effort as a bandleader.

Jeremy Erwin (keyboards) has performed as a member of Cape Suites, Unfortunate Heads, Glorium, and Lanoceros. He prefers music recorded in 1974, enjoys the morning, and quits most bands after 23 months. Listen as he struggles to find The One.

Laura Dykes (bass) is a graduate of Oberlin University who likes to explore timbre and rhythmic space.  A frequent collaborator with movement, theatre, and visual art she is equally at home in classical, rock or avant-garde.

Toto Miranda (visuals) is a founding member of the Octopus Project and Woozyhelmet.

You will be able to see Mister Smile perform inside Ground Floor Theatre at 8pm on Sunday, July 22nd