Mishi Bloom

Saturday, July 23rd 2:00pm at Crashbox (2022)

M Sanchez
Artist Name: Mishi Bloom
Instruments/Sounds: Synth, Vocals, and Field Recordings
Current Location: Austin, Texas
Project Name: Sojourner in Three Parts

Sojourner in Three Parts. Field recordings, synth, vocals, noise

Part 1: “The Past” was conceived as travel restrictions were lifted. It explores the familiarity of everyday sounds in five cities around the world. While many of these sounds play on the back burner of our consciousness, going without them for so long creates a new awareness of how loud the world really is. 

Part 2: “The Future” is about the longing we feel to be somewhere else, some time else. Whether it’s solitude one is seeking or a fantasy of a moment with someone else, fictitious worlds exist in future hopes, and if we can’t find them in reality, we search for them in our minds. Sometimes it is beautiful, and other times, it is pure chaos.(Sound Sensitivity Warning for Part 2)

Part 3: “The Present”