Just Duet

Just Duet  (Cynthia Goosby and Scott Charvet) are the unholy spawn of a night at the beer hall. Their aim is to explore the ways in which they can combine our music with our other interests–humor, film, vegan cuisine, cats, et cetera –in order to create a fun performance experience that can’t be replicated.

Their set at NMASS2018 will include such pieces as:

Theatric No. 10 (Casey Cangelosi)
Bad Touch (Casey Cangelosi)
Drum ‘N’ Bass Clarinet (Benjamin Taylor)
Songs from the Barstool (Adam D. O’Dell) *world premiere
I;m thinking about thos beans (Adam D. O’Dell)
Coffee Dad (Adam D. O’Dell)
Jeffpardy (Adam D. O’Dell) *world premiere

“I need this horse…… kings need horses” (Adam D. O’Dell)

You will be able to see them perform at Dimension Gallery on Friday night July 20th at 11pm.