DNA Studies

DNA Studies is the project of Sarah King and Zachary Smith.

This recording is a performance from December 7 at cloud tree studios in Austin, Texas . It features field recordings from a Lubbock junk yard in 2019. As well as the Bernese Oberland alpine zone in Switzerland.  Cities including Montreal’s transportation. And finally highlighted is the Black Friday foley of San Antonio, in a study of  Consumerism Studies.  This 15 minute performance required no looping, reverb or delay. The recording was taken from the mixer board operated by the curator Alex Keller under Phonography Austin: Annual Report and Album Release.

Sarah King is a visual and sound artist living in San Antonio. TX. They utilize found material including metal for recording purposes. Using found objects they manipulate objects for samples. With partner Zachary Smith they use samplers and other effects to recontexualize sound. Various microphones and vocal techniques are employed by this artist included bowing metal and processing via modular outboard gear. They are a part of dna studies with Zachary Smith. 

Zachary Smith is a founding member of the Mt.Borracho. Mt.Borracho is a audio-visual project founded in 2013 by Zachary Smith and Cameron Day. Since forming Mt.Borracho has released material surrounding personal surrealism, paranormal and abstract sound design. Mt.Borracho appeared alongside local veteran deejays Katrina Fairlee, Nick McDonnough and NY-based Umfang for a set in 2018. Zachary Smith recorded an in-studio broadcast at Red Light Radio Amsterdam and abstract set at Asile404 Marsaille, France . Prior to SXSW, Mt.Borracho was featured in the March 2020 Wire UK magazine for their long abstract track as an “A/V collagist” according to writer Raymond Cummings. They are members of DNA Studies with Sarah King. 

Follow them on Instagram @ColdFrequency (Sarah king) and @Zactechno (Zach Smith)!