Chromatic System

Chromatic System is the audiovisual combination of Fez Moreno‘s test equipment music (Chromatic Currents) and Paul Baker‘s 16mm projection art (Vision System).Broken Foam and Sequential Loops are a couple of videos which attempt to convey a live Chromatic System performance.

Self-taught electronic musician Fez Moreno made his own ‘synthesizer’ out of old pieces of telecommunication and data communication test equipment that he pieced together to use in different ways. His main focus is on exploring pure sound frequencies and doing improvisational compositions incorporating his own techniques to create rich sonic landscapes ranging from minimal drone to layered percussive rhythms. He is influenced by the early electronic & musique concrète composers such as Edgard Varèse, Tod Dockstader, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, as well as early sci-fi film soundtracks.



Working in 16mm film, analog video, and digital formats, Paul Baker accompanies music with projection. He also creates his own audiovisual works of scratched and painted film collage, analog energy patterns, VHS assemblage, and databent glitch video.  His work has been screened globally and in 2012 he curated  the Transcosmic Geometry collection. He credits himself with the terms “chroma hacking” and “pixel bending”  Frequent visuals gigs include Tx Chip chiptune collective, Levitation festivals, Sub Oslo dub shows, MeMerMo Monday experimental programs, and Electric Church acid partys.

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