A.R. Abbauen

A.R. Abbauen is the solo project of Austin, Texas artist Michael Cockrell. Under this moniker, Cockrell utilizes four track cassette players and effects to create plunderphonics focused compositions. Built of pitch-warped repetition and thoughtfully layered melodies, each piece results in the disclosure of a space, or environment. Fixed loops come in and out of play in various forms, coalesce and eventually suspend the listener within a room of aural objects awaiting examination. Other undertakings of Michael’s include being an active member of Industrial Post-Punk group, Deep Cross, operating the limited run cassette label Somatic and releasing material under the name Jezzebeam. Visual accompaniment for A.R. Abbauen’s 2019 NMASS performance will be executed by Victor Enriquez(Drip//Cuts).