The Viewer

The Viewer started as an exploration within a series of self defined rule sets. The initial Viewer material was derived from using a collection of drum machines as the sole source material, finding tonal and rhythmic variation through audio processing and alteration of synchronization communication. The process of composing within a creative field of vision continued, fostering secret connections between different worlds; the ticking clock of a dark dance floor and the contemplative calm of the slow and low aural exploration found in the experimental music community.

The Viewer set for NMASS in the Resonant Lung will continue down the path of working inside a series of limitations and structures. Where much of previous material from The Viewer has relied on the beat of a drum, or the modulation of sound, this Resonant Lung performance will lean on to the voices the Lung itself and the interaction they have with each other in space in which they speak. This performance should be an exploration of harmonic interaction, and a chance listen to a timed conversation of the three voices found inside The Resonant Lung.

See and hear The Viewer perform within the Resonant Lung at 6pm on Saturday, July 21