7:45pm Wednesday, 6/22/2016 Location: Outdoors ( click here for location

Dusk is a time for change. A motion that the earth makes that sets a calm to the horizon. The bustling heart of the city beats fast before it relies upon the night to calm its rapid pulse and constant mechanical churning. The sounds of humanity are all around and are the music of the golden hour . The members of dusking are here to give a canvas to the voices of the dimming light. A rotating group of ambient troubadours will meet in a public place to give a musical backdrop for the violet crown. People around them become unknowing participants and the soloists in a performance that is just a part of their daily commute.

The Dusking activity is lead by R.Lee Dockery, Lee Dockery is a sound artist from Austin TX and is Co-curator of Somatic.

Join Lee Dockery, Brent Fariss, Justin Sweatt (Xander Hariss), Christopher Royal King (This Will Destroy You) , Michael Cockrell (Jezzebeam) for sunset on Wednesday 6/22/2016