Thursday, July 19

Free event at Lou Neff Point:
8pm Dusking

Friday, July 20

Inside The Resonant Lung:
6pm Laura Brackney
7pm Ted Carey
8pm Matt Lacomette

Inside Ground Floor Theatre:
7pm Phonography Austin
8pm Many Birthdays
9pm Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
10pm Dallas Acid + Hairy Sands
12am Vicky Mettler

Inside Dimension Gallery:
10pm Victor Lovlorne
11pm Just Duet

Saturday, July 21

Inside The Resonant Lung:
2pm Randall Holt
3pm Colin McIntyre
4pm Try Not To Make Sounds
5pm ILOVEYOU.TXT.VBS by p1nkstar Inc.
6pm The Viewer
7pm Iris Sidikman
9pm Primary Mystical Experience

Inside Ground Floor Theatre:
11am Breakfast hang out time
12pm Synth workshop 1 with Quite Eyes of Air
3pm Jeff Young & Paul Pinto
4pm Charlie’s Appease Process
5pm Dallas Ambient Music Nights Ensemble
6pm Lovely War
7pm Rousay + Easely + Daghighi
8pm Ak’Chamel the Giver of Illness
9pm Mongoose
10pm Melanie Genin & friends
11pm Quite Eyes of Air
12am Weather Machine

Inside Dimension Gallery:
2:00pm Bryan Gary
5:30pm Leisure Muffin + Elizabeth Warren
7:30pm Seth Graham
8:00pm Ben Aqua (outside)
8:30pm hojascirculares

Sunday, July 22

Inside The Resonant Lung:
2:00pm T Putnam Hill
5:30pm Sunbeamer

Inside Ground Floor Theatre:
12pm bright blue beetle typewriter consort 
3pm Telemetry
4pm April Joy Gerloff
5pm Adelante Winds
6pm Brent Fariss & Andrew Stoltz 
7pm prismatxensemble w/visuals by Rick Reed
8pm Mister Smile
9pm ( surprise wildcard noisecheztra )

Inside Dimension Gallery:
12pm Synth Workshop 2 with Leisure Muffin 
3:30pm Bonnie Lander