Workshop with Tarana

3:00PM Friday, 6/24/2016 World-music/Music Technology/Improvisation Workshop with Tarana 

Tarana is Ravish Momin (drums/electronics) and Rick Parker (Trombone/electronics)

Their mission is to create a seamless blend of multiple electronics and acoustic instruments. They will discuss the creative process of blending North-African and Indian rhythmic concepts that are unique to the music of Tarana. They will further discuss the fundamentals of Indian rhythmic sub-divisions, odd-time signatures and adaptation of Indian rhythms to the drumset.

They will then individually discuss the use of triggers and microphones which can be used to alter the sounds generated by acoustic instruments and delve into the process of the creation and layering of real-time loops, textures and sound-effects. Momin will discuss using Ableton Live Software and various MIDI and USB controllers (including using the iPad as a MIDI controller), in order to integrate acoustic drums with digital laptop-based electronic sounds. Parker will in turn discuss technical issues such as connecting the trombone (or another acoustic instrument) via microphones to various effects such as delays, phasers, harmonizers, distortion and reverb. He will also explore looping pedals and different ways to incorporate them into one’s performance, from overdubbing tracks to using advanced features such as reverse, half-speed and double-speed recording.

Ravish and Rick will both discuss performance and compositional strategies using LIVE in an improvisational setting by creating spontaneous arrangements, adding analog and digital effects and shifting between complex time signatures. They will also discuss creative approaches to MIDI mapping in order to achieve specific performance end-results. The workshop will be interactive throughout, involving the participants in discussing individual approaches to improvisation as well as synthesizing electronics with acoustic instruments for performance or compositional purposes.

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Friday, 6/24/2016 NMASS PASS