Triangulum (Dallas)
7:00 pm Sunday, 7/16/17

Sean French (guitar) + M. Cody McPhail (synthesizer) +  T.J. Prendergast (percussion) + Chad Walls (synthesizers)

In the spirit of visionaries like Brian Eno and Harmonia, Dallas kosmische quartet Triangulum continue to mine the 70s highest traditions of sonic exploration, treating sound as transcendent geography.

With arrangements that cast instruments as orbiting planets, colliding and collapsing seamlessly into one another like waves lapping at the shoreline, Triangulum’s music is not for listening, but immersion.

Whether it’s the band’s reverence for meditating in instrumental refrains based on little more than a handful of notes, or employing vocalists who color their music in shades of stark neo-western noir recalling Michael Gira (Clint Niosi on “Kill the Moon”), or Sade singing through a broken telephone in a David Lynch movie (Lily Taylor on “Thaw”),Triangulum’s slow-motion reveries mesmerize mesmerize listeners by poetic drifting and ceaseless evolution.

Click here to listen to music from Triangulum’s self-titled record.

Triangulum performing at Pariah in Dallas:


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