Thomas Mortigan

2:00pm Sunday 6/26/2016

Thomas Mortigan is a Houston artist specializing in Experimental Dark Electronics. Having been active within the more treacherous Black Metal realm for the last 20 years, Mortigan currently operates mostly within the Modular Synthesizer world, teetering between styles such as minimal techno, Lynchian-type ambient drones and impending dread. The focus on the current state of affairs is a present awareness of constant sonic exploration, with limitless depths to be reached and charted. Ever present, is his dark and brooding style of expression with no light at the end of the tunnel…

He will be performing an Ambient Drone piece consisting of a swelling build up centered around melodious layers, sweeping textures and gifts from the black heart. Here is no light…”

Sunday, 6/26/2016 NMASS PASS