Tesseract 3.0

By Clay Odom, Sean ONeill and Adam Owens


Continuing on in a series of installations for the NMASS festival (tesseract, andtesseract2.0) that have focused on the confluence of light, sound, surface, and space, the design and art team of Clay Odom (Designer and Assistant Professor of Interior Design at The UT School of Architecture), Sean ONeill (Designer and Sound Artist) and Adam Owens (Designer and Photographer), has created a new gallery installation for the 2013 edition of the New Music and Sound Summit being held at the Salvage Vanguard Theater. Inspired by childhood reminiscences on the book ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, the Tesseract series are sound and space installations designed to create a heightened sense of the mutability place and time by creating interactive, variable, overlapping fields of sound, space and reflection. The project extends upon other recent projects such as CLOTS (with musician Nick Hennies) that have dealt with issues surrounding the confluence of time, space, light, sound, surfaces and human interactions and how these issues may be aligned and patterned into a holistic experience.

The installation focuses heavily of the modulation of space and light through both passive/spatial and active/electronic means, and is driven by the use of surfaces that both reflect and transmit light while also creating area and passages for people to move through or slow-down in order to engage with the piece. The project will also use sound that is being processed live and passed through liquid mediums to create another ephemeral layer of content and patterning that is then captured and projected into the space creating a new potential for spatial reading and interactive possibility for visitors. In addition, live feeds from the NMASS performances will be captured, manipulated and fed into the system creating another link to the broader festival content while also experimenting with both temporal and spatial displacements. The final aspect of the work will be places where visitors are allowed to stop, sit and even lay down within the space of the work, literally becoming part of the installation. Within these spaces a series of mirrored lenses will invite visitors to view the project literally in a new way. The desired effect of the installation is to allow for people to become aware of the rich potential of sound, light, and space and how it is inextricably linked to basic qualities of human perception and interaction.

This installation will exist at Salvage Vanguard Theater from June 13th through June 15th.