Terraformation duo

Terraformation (Tucson, AZ / Austin, TX)
4:00 pm Sunday 7/16/17

Benjamin DeGain (drums/vibraphone) + Mohadev (guitar/bass)

Birthed and brought up in the American Southwest, the prog/post-rock quartet Terraformation plays instrumental music inspired by desert landscapes and deep space. Multi-instrumentalist Benjamin DeGain and guitarist/bassist Mohadev formed the band in Tucson, Arizona in 2008 as a recording project (they recorded the first Terraformation album, Darkness Among Stars, in a single month), an arrangement that continued after Mohadev relocated to Austin in 2009. Over the course of three subsequent releases, Terraformation has developed a discography that takes in shimmering, vibraphone-lead pastorals and robust art-rock with equal dexterity.

In the second installment of Terraformation’s long awaited reunion at NMASS, this duo set marries live improvisation with DeGain’s and Mohadev’s long experience with remote collaboration.

You can hear Terraformation’s music here.

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