Aunt’s Analog w/TEF

7:00pm Thursday 6/23/2016

T.E.F. is the long running, solo harsh noise project of Texas native Kevin Novak, and has currently been active since early 1995.  Utilizing an array of effects, sampling and looping devices T.E.F. creates a fast paced, cut up, dynamic style of noise which can range from loud and abrasive to quiet and droning, sometimes all within the span of several seconds.  Occasionally described as being “musical” and noise for people who hate noise T.E.F. mines the tenuous gap between aural abstraction and composition.

Aunt’s Analog is the alias of Matt LaComette, a solo Harsh Noise / Avant-Garde recording artist and performer, active in Austin, TX since 2001. LaComette uses a variety of instruments and sound sources, including contact microphone feedback, no-input mixer, audio tapes, junk metal, violin, and synthesizer, warped and distorted by an array of electronic effects. As a recording project, Aunt’s Analog produces psychedelic instrumental soundscapes, with brute electro-acoustic sounds and jarring blasts of high frequency feedback, often produced in the cut-up style. During live performance, LaComette presents a condensed version of his harsh recorded sound, with a focus on motion within the space and its interaction with sound. Elements of performance art influence Aunt’s Analog sets, which often entail a 5-10 minute outburst of extreme tones and quick movement. Performances are improvised and exploratory, and can vary greatly set to set, evolving and devolving over time as instrumentation changes and equipment setups are reconfigured.

Thursday, 6/23/2016 NMASS PASS