Stine Janvin Motland

8:00pm Friday 6/24/2016

Stavanger born, Berlin based vocalist Stine Janvin Motland works with experimental music, sound and audiovisual performance. Through a diversity of projects such as the live radio play In Labour, the performative installation The Subjective Frequency Transducer, field recording adaptations duo Native Instrument and pop experiment alter ego Stine II, she explores and challenges the physical features of the voice, the acoustics of her external/internal surroundings and new performance strategies. Her interest in the ambiguous and unrecognisable qualities of the voice, pushes her to constantly search for new ways to expand her vocal repertoire. Her recent work significantly involves imitation and abstract storytelling through sound collages referring to a variety of genres and traditions of electronic music, sound poetry, folk music and languages of various peoples, birds and animals. In 2014 Motland made a double solo record debut, releasing two contrasting albums. OK, WOW (+3db) represents her background as an extreme and virtuosic vocalist, while In Labour (Pica Disk) dogmatically combines minimal, sound poetic storytelling with a selection of sonic environments. Her next solo album, another collaboration with Lasse Marhaug, is to be released on Pica Disk in 2016. For her performance at NMASS Stine Janvin Motland will perform material from this coming release, which is based on the concept of using acoustic voice to make fake electronic music.

Friday, 6/24/2016 NMASS PASS