Sound Cycle

9:00am Sunday 6/26/2016

General Information

Organized by Austin based composer and performer Laura Brackney and George Pasterk, Creative Director of COTFG and co-curator of NMASS, the 2016 New Media Art and Sound Summit (NMASS) Sound Cycle will be a site specific sound installation performed by interested cyclists following a planned route throughout the city of Austin, Texas. Participants will play one of four prepared tracks via bike speakers, boomboxes, or mobile devices and portable speakers. The shifting position of each rider/performer within the group creates an ever-changing rotational aural effect. Volunteers will lead and close the group as we navigate the city with a large mass of bikers moving as a single unit.

The theme of this sound installation seeks to explore location and perception of environment, dislocation and serendipitous occurrences. It is our goal to present an imaginary landscape consisting of shifting pieces that our collaborators believe represent the sonic identity of their location.

To participate please download one track from the event’s Soundcloud page. During the ride play your track through the device of your choice. In the past riders have used bluetooth speakers, cassettes and boomboxes, aux inputs and phones with empty cups as resonators. Be creative, every new innovation adds to the experience!

Note: Coffee and breakfast tacos will be available at SVT starting at 9 AM before leaving on the bike ride. Feel free to bring other beverages or treats to share.

Start: 9:00 AMSVT 2803 Manor Road, Austin TX 78722
End: 10:45 AMSVT 2803 Manor Road, Austin TX 78722
Map: Link to probable route

Duration: About 6 miles & 45 minutes. This is a no drop ride, no one will be left behind. If you have any questions please email laura(dot)cotfg(at)gmail(dot)com or george(dot)cotfg(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you!

Safety Guidelines: We cannot be held liable for personal injury or other such accidents. Riding as a single large group will give us more visibility than the average cyclist, but not all vehicles on the road are cyclist-friendly. We will follow designated leaders, stop at all stop signs and red lights, and wait for the cyclists at the back of the group. Don’t forget to bring your helmets and bike lights! Stay hydrated!!!

NMASS is hosted by the Church of the Friendly Ghost a 100% volunteer run-arts organization supporting creative expressions and counter-cultural community with a focus on collaborative projects and exploratory mediums. Established in the fall of 2003, we have presented over one thousand events to date including concerts, installations, workshops, film screenings and other adventurous cultural activities.