Rucyl (New York City) – vocals, synthesizer, electronics
9:00 pm Saturday, 7/15/17

Rucyl Mills is a sound artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and multi-media artist current based in New York. Born and raised in Philadelphia, her work concerns process as performance, time-based analog effects systems, and sonic representations of physics, emotions, identity, and time. Rucyl’s live performances build on improvisational deployments of MIDI controllers, loopers, effects, processors, and her voice–producing what she has dubbed “avant-R&B.”

Rucyl began recording music with the Philadelphia underground rap group The Goats in the early 90s, releasing two albums on Ruffhouse Records and touring with the Bad Brains and Fishbone. She later co-founded the Afrofuturist audio-visual cooperative Saturn Never Sleeps with producer and DJ King Britt. Inspired by the media and music of Sun Ra, Saturn Never Sleeps encompassed concert curation, workshops, and podcasts in addition to several international tours and full-length albums.

After SNS disbanded in 2011, Rucyl continued with collaborative performances highlighting persons of color and women in experimental electronic music using the moniker Woman + Machine, in addition to releasing music under her own name. Her most recent work is the Sound Prism, a solar-powered sonic performance and installation that explores sound as a physical representation of the transmutation of organic energy. A Solar Prism installation was featured at the Organizo Interactivo in Tenjo, Columbia, in July 2016.

Click here to read about Rucyl’s NMASS installation piece.

Click here to listen to Rucyl’s most recent album, Caveat.

Rucyl performing live with King Britt as Saturn Never Sleeps for TEDxPhilly:


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