Rick Reed

6:00pm Friday 6/24/2016

Rick Reed (b. 1957) has been creating audio compositions since 1982.  His recent works are intuitive studies of electricity, frequency fluctuations, and improvised ‘on the fly’ solutions to symmetry problems in electronic sound. Over the past decade he has centered his live work on using short wave radio, synthesizers, and sine wave generators to create otherworldly synthetic sounds with a surface of aesthetic elegance and beauty. Reed lives in Austin, Texas, and has performed throughout the United States and Europe. His music has been used by filmmaker Ken Jacobs in three of his experiential magic lantern films, Spiral Nebula, Mountaineer Spinning, Capitalism: Child Labor.

In addition to his solo work, he’s been a member of Austin groups such as Fear and Tension Corporation, The Abrasion Ensemble, Frequency Curtain, SIRSIT, as well as international group, The Voltage Spooks (w/ Keith Rowe). Along with Brent Fariss, he is currently a member of the world’s only CM von Hausswolff cover band in existence, The House of Wolves. You can hear his work on such records as Dreamz/Blue Polz (2008), The Way Things Go (2011), and Dark Skies at Noon (2005), to name but a few.

“My set will consist of improvised electronic sounds using the Buchla Music Easel. I will also be showing recent video work that features contrasting images of different cities around the world.”

Friday, 6/24/2016 NMASS PASS