Re-Surfaced: Surf Music Re-imagined, an NMASS exclusive concept by George Pasterk!

“…surf music, I’ve always like loved that but for me, I don’t know what surf music has to do with surf boards” Q. Tarantino

Part one in an irregular series of re-imaginings of iconic/hackneyed musical styles. In each episode three sets of musicians will be asked to imagine a particular popular musical style never happened and create a new sound for a whole pop scene. For our first installment, we’ve asked our players to shoot the curl and come up with a new soundtrack for the surf rats. Come join musicians Ralph White, Piña Colada (Sandy Ewen’s Girl Band) and a poetry with sound set, as they re-imagine the surf sound! As an NMASS exclusive, we’ve also commissioned three video artists to create a new piece for each set! What will the surf betties, hodads and grimmies think of what we have wrought? Come to NMASS 2012 to find out!