More Eaze

6:00pm Thursday 6/23/2016

more eaze is the project of composer/multi-instrumentalist marcus m. rubio. The project focuses on collage based work and the destruction of song forms. Recordings and performances often feature a set of stylistically disparate pieces stitched together through complex tonal/timbral relationships that constantly challenge exactly what the music actually “is”. For example, it’s not uncommon to hear American primitive guitar, chopped and screwed r & b/rap, lush synth drones, and deconstructed pop melodies throughout the course of a more eaze album or even in just one song! In 2015, more eaze released several albums for Kendra Steiner Editions, Full Spectrum, and Already Dead Tapes. More Eaze has worked collaboratively with artists such as Seth Graham, Amulets, and Andrew Weathers and shared bills with Gary Wilson, John Wiese, Chris Corsano, and Circuit des Yeux amongst others.  Rubio has also released music for a myriad of small labels under his own name and has had his compositions performed by the Soli Chamber Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse, and the Dogstar Orchestra.

Thursday, 6/23/2016 NMASS PASS