Performing Thursday, 6/12/2014


Moonsicles is a band from Austin, Texas, who play instrumental music in a style that is yet to be determined. It might be Swamp New Age. Other times it’s closer to Celestial Metal, but very often it’s a soundtrack to an incoherent film whose characters are lost, deprived, and hallucinating miracles and monsters. Moonsicles songs are spare, inventive, lonely, minimal, pensive, gorgeous soundlands for the human ear to roam. Moonsicles is also a power group with members from some of the capital’s most provocative bands. Guitarist Aaron Russell (The Weird Weeds) distills melodies down to their essence until they seem like a smoldering frame of some burned-down behemoth; bassist Lindsey Verrill (The Weird Weeds, Dana Falconberry, Some Say Leland, McMercy Family Band) is either thwacking out Brontosaurus-sized throbs of bottom end or smiting you with shimmering frequencies; percussionist Carolyn Cunningham (Pillow Queens, Woven Bones) deconstructs rhythms with the nimbleness of a hummingbird; and keyboardist Sheila Scoville (Ichi Ni San Shi, Suspirians, No Mas Bodas) makes noises that are transcendent, insect-like, and joyful. Together the four of them play meditative instrumentals for every mood and color of the mind. This spring Moonsicles is recording an album and planning a summer tour of the West. More info: