Ladybrain Studios

3:00pm Thursday 6/23/2016

Join Lady Brain Studios to explore the creative world of hand-built electronic music, learn the basics of building sound circuits, and create your own instrument that plays lights!

No experience is necessary to enjoy this workshop where beginners and seasoned electronics enthusiasts alike will:

-learn how to read basic schematics
-discover how electrical circuits work
-build a sound circuit on a breadboard
-learn how to use light to create sound!
-produce sound using different creative methods (touching a VHS strip, sliding along graphite, among others)

Students will get to take home their electronic creations, along with a collection of components and reading material for future learning.

Teacher Bio:

Lady Brain Studios is the creative alliance of Darcy Neal and Haley Moore, who specialize in expressive electronics and teach workshops that spread a passion for electronics to artists, musicians, and creators of all kinds.  Neal is a self taught artist and musician focused on creating hand-built electronics, and Moore is a skilled transmedia artist with a knack for creating tangible environments.  Lady Brain Studios wants to share their excitement for electronics through hands-on learning and discovery that equips students to continue to create their own works of electronic art.

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