Kyle Evans

Performing Friday – June 13th


Kyle Evans (MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago) is a sound designer, computer musician, electronic instrument creator, educator and performer. While his educational background was focused toward experimental music and sound art, his collective artistic work ranges from music technology development to multimedia installation. de/Rastra: Installation is a continued exploration in the new aesthetic possibilities of combining modern and obsolete technology. A custom computer software algorithmically composes rhythmic combinations of clicks, noise, and 60Hz sine tone harmonics, which are then broadcast, along with other synchronized video sources, to multiple cathode ray tube televisions. de/Rastra: Installation re-mediates a technology whose history is based in a one dimensional form of communication between broadcast material and receiver. The video transmission technology becomes repurposed, breaking down the device’s ‘consumption only’ nature, accenting the latent materiality of the technology over its general use as a transparent communication medium.!derastra-installation/cixh