Immersion 3


The Immersion [ATX] performance series continues, this time closing out the NMASS 2012 arts and music festival in Austin Texas.
This loud-as-**** quadraphonic listening experience takes place on June 17, around 730 or so, at Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Rd. in East Austin.
The theme this go-around is CATHEDRAL. Slowly-changing, meditative, and gut-rattling sound will be provided by this Immersion’s operators:

Johnathan Cash
Brent Fariss
Christopher Petkus
R. Lee Dockery
Matt Burnett

Video projection will fill the room, provided by

Katie Rose Pipkin
Laurel Barickman
Rebecca Ramirez

There is a Facebook group for Immersion [ATX] that is open to the public and can help get your head around what Immersion is about.
Here’s the link: